Sunday, January 20, 2013

Race Bib Tote Bag Project! FINALLY!!!

I lost the majority of my race bibs and, honestly, it broke my heart. I keep things. everything. and when they weren't where I put them, I searched EVERYWHERE!!! but, yesterday I found a small stack and decided to give this a whirl.

I used the tutorial here:

I added a few extra steps to sew the race bibs onto the front, leaving some tops open for storage. I also added a lining inside with a few pockets for all my gadgets.

it's just big enough for my running shoes, shorts, a tank, iPod, headphones, garmin, all the charging accessories, some baby wipes, socks, and a drink! perfect.

next time, I'd like the base a bit sturdier and wider, but it'll be a while before I can make another.

and...mich found the houndstooth fabric. we spent a while at hobby lobby looking and he said, "hey mom, I see your second favorite pattern on that rack over there...". my boy knows his momma. :)

thank you, Elisabeth, for a great, easy-to-follow tutorial!

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